Lovely Kitchen pride themselves with

Modern Kitchens Designs

Incorporating architecture, flexibility, innovation, space efficiency and appeal into every modern kitchen they create


The modern kitchen focal point is an object or display that immediately draws your attention into the kitchen and creates impact for your home. Common kitchen focal points include the stove, backsplash or a hood but your desired impact may be a sink, centre island or a window.

Color Splash

Modern kitchen simplicity comes with clean tones and hidden modern innovation and then apply a colour splash, be it vibrant, pastel or warming to lift the room into a charismatic, need to be kitchen. A Kitchen colour splash can be achieved through a feature wall, splashback, bench top, cabinet, décor or appliance.


To create a Kitchen symmetry, start with a center point, literal center of a wall or room. Around that center, build symmetry. Symmetry helps create a sense of harmony and calm into your Kitchen.