Modern Laundry

Modern home design has allowed laundry machines to be placed in the space they are most needed – right near the closet. Check out our slick trendy and modern laundry room with a design that works well inside urban, studio apartments or small homes. It’s got a bachelor pad feel as well, perfect for those youthful visions. We rounded up a few modern laundry rooms that anyone would gladly spend time in even if it meant folding load after load of laundry.


Choose a bold, modern pattern in a moisture resistant, vinyl paper that’s easy to wipe down –Backsplash. Add a high end backsplash design to your laundry room. A dedicated laundry room is always an awesome idea but designing it might be a challenge.

Where can I get modern laundry designs in Sydney? Lovely Kitchens can help our friendly staff are waiting for your call.

A modern laundry room is going to be a clean and fresh looking space, just like how you want your laundry to come out.